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PitSense is a community of people first organized in 2010 to respond to proposals for further increases in the number and size of aggregate operations in Caledon. In cooperation with affiliated groups we are opposed to the continuing 'Domino Effect' growth of open pit mines and quarries in the agricultural and rural residential areas of the Niagara Escarpment and other threatened areas across Ontario.
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In February 2010, and again in April 2013, Blueland Farms Limited has applied for a Class “A” (pit below water) license to excavate mineral aggregate from a pit of 40.5 hectares in size (100 acres) at the McCormick Farm property on Heart
Lake Road in Caledon. This
application is for the establishment
of a new pit. The annual tonnage
condition applied for is
1,500,000 tonnes.

As specified in the Aggregate
Resources Act, written notice
concerning this application was
delivered to landowners within
120 metres of the proposed
boundary; an information
giving notice to the public of this application, will be erected at the
proposed site; and a Notice of Application will appear in the local paper, the Caledon Citizen. A public information session will be held. This site will be updated as details become available.

It is the responsibility of the citizens of Ontario to make their views known about developments such as this. Please use this website and related links as a resource.

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PitSense is working to ensure that any new gravel pits and quarries make Environmental and Economic Sense.


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